Home is where the heart is, or so they say

In any case, you always want your home to look and feel as good as it can, and to provide the comfort and style you desire.

To this end we offer you a wide range of products for your home, with styles to suit many tastes, and prices to suit many budgets.

Our range of home fragrance products is extensive, with scented candles large and small, home fragrance diffusers for any room in the house and a wide range of fragrance sachets for cupboards, drawers and even your car (a 2nd home to some these days!)

Our ranges of table wares such as placemats and coasters provide for stylish and elegant dining, and our barware range is ever growing.

We have a wide range of mirrors for any room in the house, or even to take on your holidays

This is just a small look at what you can buy here, so come in and take a look to see what takes your fancy!